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The Key Biscayne Yacht Club was founded upon the notion of gathering “water-minded” residents in good sport and good fellowship, promoting social activities among members, and encourage common interests in boating. Membership is by invitation only for those who share these interests and would like to join our active community.

The application process begins when a Regular Member requests an electronic application form to sponsor an applicant for any membership category. Applicants must be sponsored by at least three Club Members, two of which must be Regular Members. Both Regular Member sponsors must personally know the applicant for at least one year. A current photograph of the applicant must accompany the application, and if the applicant is married with children photos of them must also be included. The application must be returned within sixty days of the day on which the process began. Associate and Regular Members may only sponsor four applicants per fiscal year, regardless of the membership category. 

Upon receipt of the completed and signed membership application, each applicant’s name and photograph are posted on the Club’s bulletin board for at least twenty-eight days. If there are no objections from the Club membership during the posting period, the applicant’s name is placed on a waitlist for the applicable membership category, in chronological order. When an opening becomes available in that membership category the Membership Committee moves to interview the next applicant on the waitlist. The two Regular Member sponsors will be present at the interview. If the Membership Committee approves the applicant and their respective spouse, the application is then presented to the Board of Governors for consideration and final approval.

Key Biscayne Yacht Club is a Member-owned and controlled Club. Our membership categories are as follows:

Holds a financial equity interest in the Club’s real estate, property, facilities, and assets. A Regular Member must be an Associate Member for at least two years. Privileges include the right to vote, hold office, and priority for wet/dry boat storage. (On occasion equity Regular Memberships are available)

Presents an opportunity for applicants between 21 and 29 years of age to join the Club at reduced rates. Legacy membership preference is given to sons and daughters of our current Members. However, parents may not sponsor their children.

Available to non-residents only. The eligibility requirement for this membership category is as follows: part-time residents of Miami-Dade County will not reside in Miami-Dade County for more than 120 days throughout the year.

This is a non-equity membership. Associate Members and their dependents enjoy all social Club privileges afforded to Regular Members.

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