Tennis Program Signup

January 14, 2020
Dear Member,
At last month’s BOG meeting, the Board approved a motion regarding the replacement of our hard surface tennis courts with the potential installation of two new clay tennis courts. This option was requested by our tennis committee after surveying our tennis playing members and finding that most tennis players prefer playing on a clay surface as opposed to a hard surface. Here are the details regarding this option:
New Tennis Program
  • If at least 100 members sign up for a Tennis Program by March 15th, and at least 60 of those are Family Privileges, then we will install 2 HydroCourt clay courts at KBYC.
  • Tennis Program shall continue for no less than 5 years (they can be cancelled earlier only if a Member has a continuing disability preventing exercise or resigns from the Club).
  • The revenue from the privileges will go towards maintaining the clay courts, so that the maintenance is cost neutral to the club and to ensure that the courts are always in good condition for use by our members.
The deadline to sign up for a program in order for the 2 new clay courts to be installed is March 15, 2020. We anticipate that the new courts should be available later this spring (billing will not begin until the courts are open-for-play).
If you wish to sign up for a tennis program, please complete the information below and submit.
COST: $300 per year for a Family Program; $200 per year for an Individual Program (billed in equal monthly installments).
  By submitting this form, you are agreeing to a Tennis Program at a cost of $300 per year for Family or $200 per year for Individual. You will be billed monthly for a period of 60 months.